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BPM with Camunda

Subscription-based billing with Zuora



Next Generation Mobile Operator
Moi mobile is changing the Finnish mobile operator landscape. Lauched in 2016, Moi is attracting customers with its clean, customer-oriented approach to the mobile operator business.

iProcesses was a key member in the Moi order process, the Zuora subscription billing service integration, and the telco BSS (Business Subsystem) integration design and develpment.

Customs Risk Analysis

Reduce Risks at the Border
All societies want to keep their borders efficiently traversable, yet secure.

iProcesses was instrumental in the architecure and design of the Finnish Customs border risk analysis solution.

Excise Tax Application

Online Excise Tax Declaration
In the best interest of both Finnish businesses and government, the Finnish authorities needed an online excise tax declaration system.

iProcesses architected and helped design the first online excise tax declaration solution.


European Webshop
Online shopping should be easy, fun, in your language and with the laws of your government.

iProcesses helped design and develop the first Fruugo fulfillment system as well as the backend customer support solution.

About iProcessess

The iProcesses' owner, is an independent, "Hands-on" software architect. He has a broad network of software professionals and software companies built-up during the past 20 years. iProcesses has experience in both business and government environments and has participated in projects with varying size, scope and technologies.

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